10 Things About Me That May Surprise You!

10 Things That May Surprise You About MeLately, I have been using online prompts to help me blog. Being without my muse Lefty, or inspiration, they are a great help. The two I have been using are “Plinky” and “Day Dreaming On Paper.” Today’s prompt is “List 10 things that people are always surprised to find out about you”. Some people will not be surprised, the ones that have known me most of my life, and you know who you are. I guess, telling people all of these things is a little revealing, and some of them might even be considered secrets.

1. I am bipolar (and have been most of my life)

2. I am of Russian decent

3. I own a Mac & a Windows PC

4. I used to run a open mic night

5. I can cook (and I don’t mean heating up frozen dinners)

6. I used to smoke

7. I have a cat named “Smokey” who owns me

8. I can fix most PC problems (just ask my family & friends)

9. I don’t drink alcohol

10. I used to sing, play guitar and mandolin



2 thoughts on “10 Things About Me That May Surprise You!

  1. Farhan, I can’t find the motivation these days. I checked out your blog, it seems that you play too. I have been thinking about playing, I have a friend who has been pushing me, perhaps your comment was the other push I needed. Thanks for commenting.

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