A Whole Lot Of Rosie

Rosie is my four-legged canine friend. She lives in the same building as I do with her “Pack Leader” Doug. In her eight years, she has been to hell and back. She had two previous owners who broke her legs. Where they were broken the fur doesn’t quite grow properly. To know her and see her now you would never know that she was once an abused and fearful dog. Just yesterday Doug said that Rosie was once just like one of those dogs on the “The Dog Whisperer”. It took Doug’s niece a whole year of rehabilitation to get Rosie to the dog she is today. She was very fearful of people, and you can’t exactly blame her. Now she loves people! Before she goes for a walk she runs to me and has to give me a kiss or two and then she goes on her way. Perhaps, that makes her day, but it most definitely makes mine.


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