I Wish Everyday Was Like Christmas

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Now that the holidays are over and everyone is deflated or at least most of us, I began to ponder the idea of how I wish everyday was like Christmas. So many people just do something nice on Christmas, birthdays or Valentines Day then the rest of the year is forgotten.

My Mom and I don’t go out of our way on Christmas or any other holiday for that matter because, everyday is a celebration for us. When we see each other, which is often; we do things for each other. It doesn’t have to be something you feel, taste or smell. It can be taking out the garbage for her and repairing her computer, and she will hem up a pair of pants, or fill up my car tank full of gas, the list can go on and on.

My wish for everyone in 2014 is to make everyday a holiday, go out and do something kind for your friends, family or even a stranger especially those in need.



Ban Soda From All Schools?

Where do I stand on soda in schools? Here in Canada we call it pop (I think that is because of the sound it makes when you take the top off or it is short for popular). I am totally for banning the poison from schools. My Mother uses Coca-Cola to clean her toilet bowl. If it will clean porcelain imagine what it is doing to your stomach. There is also the fact that most teenagers drink regular cola with sugar, not that I think sugar-free is any better, aspartame has all it's documented side effects too. Again, I believe that it has to start at home; if the parents are bringing pop home of course the children will be drinking it at school.

I believe that pop can be an addiction like drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. In the apartment building that I live in there is a pop addiction among the adults. People cart it in 2 liters at a time and pore it over their cornflakes (this is for real). When they get thirsty they think that pop is going to quench their thirst, but how wrong they are. It does the same thing as coffee it dehydrates you.

Here in Vancouver, BC Canada we have the best water, which comes directly from our tap, you don't even need to filter it. I know that in many cities in the U.S. the quality is poor, but next time your kids want a “soda” buy a bottle or gallon of water, in the end your body and theirs will appreciate it.

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How Tech Savvy Are You?

This is the Plinky prompt for today. I don’t answer most of them, because most don’t pertain to my life, or me but this one definitely does. Let me count the ways that I wish I was more tech savvy. First of all let me say that I am very technically astute. I can pretty much repair any software problem on a PC or Mac, even if it means reformatting.  I can also install a hard drive, optical drive, sound-card or RAM. These days most everyone I know has a laptop instead of a tower, so I haven’t been called upon to upgrade anything, but if I had to I could. I am my Mother’s personal IT department.  In my apartment block there are friends computers that I tend to and maintain on a regular basis.

I can also pretty well figure out any menu on any digital camera, recorder, tablet or cellphone.  When Olympus claimed to have a difficult menu to navigate, for me it was a piece of cake. This is how my brain works.  Then on the other hand if I see a piece of IKEA furniture with a whole bunch of screws and nails, I draw a blank.  If I only knew someone who was good at putting a bed-frame together, we could barter.  I live in a building full of men, and not one of them even knows how to use a hammer or screwdriver. The only person I know that is extremely good at putting anything together is my Mother; she is always up for the challenge. Perhaps, if I take her to lunch at the Windjammer she will help me out.

Now for the areas that I wish I could improve on. I would love to be able to write HTML and design my own website or learn to code and build an iPhone app or computer game.  Perhaps, this should be one of my goals for the rest of the year.

I may be tech savvy, but don’t forget everyone is good at something; you just have to find out what it is. As Curly said in “City Slickers”, “when you find that one thing, then nothing else will matter”.



If You Could Have 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?


Courtesy Of “3 Things

Like the old Sweeney Todd song goes, ” If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride”, I suppose in a perfect world that would be true.

This isn’t an easy question, and I definitely had to ponder and probe my brain for a while to come up with this trio of fabulous wishes.

  1. Without hestitation, the very first one is to not be bipolar. There I said it for all of Facebook to read. Don’t worry most of you are at a arm’s length and we only communicate via cyberspace so there is no worries about bumping into or fearing “The Black Dog”
  2. To live in a place where I would be able to have as many dogs and cats as I wanted, and perhaps there would even be room leftover for a couple of horses and a few goats, just imagine the yummy goat cheese and wine parties.
  3. There is no question that the third one would be for my Mother to be able to walk again.

What Are Ten Things That You Are Awesome At?

I am hoping that this prompt will make you ponder your own skills and abilities. We are all good at something even if we assume that we are not. If we think long and hard, or maybe not so hard we can all come up with at least 10 things that we are good at. These skills don’t have to be earth shattering or life changing. It can be anything from being able to use a hammer to decorate a cake to clean a bathroom and leave it sparkling. Here are my top 10 things and I sure would like to read yours, so be sure to respond.

  1. Trouble-shoot a computer
  2. Use a DSLR camera
  3. Bake a cake
  4. Cook a meal
  5. Play a song on a guitar
  6. Organize a barbecue
  7. Drive a car
  8. Change a lightbulb
  9. Shoot and edit a video
  10. Sleep

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The Most Exciting Thing Or 2, To Ever Happen……

At the moment I am using an iPad app named “365 Topics”, that gives you a prompt or idea for journaling and blogging. Today’s prompt is to tell a story of “The Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happened To You”. At the top of my head there are a few things, one is going to California (I fell in love with San Francisco) and Arizona (I was able to see a real roadrunner) and on the way back winning two thousand dollars in Reno, Nevada.

The second thrill was meeting Ry Cooder in 1990, but mostly seeing and hearing him and David Lindley play “The Orpheum” in Vancouver, BC. One of the reasons it was so exhilarating was that in your lifetime your chances of getting hit by lightening are probably better, than ever seeing Ry play live. I thought, I would be stuck for the rest of my days listening to the soundtracks to “Paris Texas” and “Crossroads”. I was fortunate enough to have a close friend who knew David Lindley. David and my comrade were able to arrange the concert tickets, as well as getting us backstage.

The most comical event that happened, involved a couple sitting behind us. You have to remember that at the theatre there is no dance floor or any kind of area to strut your stuff. My friend and I were Cooder and Lindley fanatics, so all through the show we wiggled and danced in our seats. One of the so-called couple says to the other, “What is wrong with those two women in front of us?. The other leans into the other and says “That is how deaf people listen to music”. The concert was beyond my wildest dreams and then some.

After the show we waited so long to go backstage, that we almost missed meeting Ry, he was just about to leave. I said “hi”, and then stood there like an idiot trying not to look too guitar-struck. All wasn’t lost, David was there to save the day; he drove us home and I had the privilege of getting the infamous sideburn scraping. So in the end I was most impressed with David’s hospitality and grace.

Now that I have elaborated on a few of the exciting events in my life, and I am sure if I think about it there are probably more, and ones that are more lmportant and life changing, I would love to hear some of yours. Now let’s go out and do something electrifying and blog about it.

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Is Blogging Software Necessary?


I spent most of last night, downloading and previewing all kinds of blogging software. Why, I really don’t know, just curiosity, I suppose. You know what they say curiosity killed the cat. Thank goodness, I’m not a cat, I would have died along time ago. I could just as easily write my blog in Microsoft word and the copy and paste it into WordPress, but that would be just too damn easy.

I tried everything from “blog.mac” to the free open source program “NVU” which will do everything from from edit your webpage to a blog. In the end nothing does everything you want it to. One program does something better, than the other, and vise versa. Too bad you couldn’t just put them all in blender, and out would come the perfect application. I suppose the one that comes the closest is the one I am creating this post with, Macjournal 4. It probably has the best features of all the software I previewed. Along with posting to any url, including blogger and wordpress. you can also record audio and create a podcast. The one thing it is missing is that you can’t edit anything in xtml. If you going to spend money on one piece of software for blogging, this is the one. If you don’t want to pay a cent, then download the open source “NVU”, but remember you always get what you pay for.