Once Upon A Time There Were Two Crows…..

Lately I have been doing research on the mating habits and behaviour of crows.  It turns out that they mate for life and if they don’t create their nest by the end of May, well there just won’t be any baby crows that year.

Around my apartment block there are two evergreen trees, one in the front and one in the back.  For several years now 2 crows have nested in the front tree.  A few years ago there was a crazy guy who worked graveyards who threatened to cut down the tree, he couldn’t stand the sound of the baby crows.

This year was a bad year for our crows. We kept watching them like we always do, they fly around dragging  twigs and leaves to build their nests. This week one of the tenants on the 3rd floor woke up to see that a giant racoon was sitting in the nest munching on the eggs.  I don’t know if they will try and build another nest by the end of May or not.