Lefty Snoozing

If anyone read my recent post you would of read that my “dog-son” Lefty has left the building. I found this picture while looking for pictures of Jack Russell’s. I can only imagine this is what he would look like if he slept in a bed. Sweet Dreams Lefty wherever you may rest your head tonight.


The One That Got Away

It has been quite some time, or so it seems since I have seen my beloved. No matter how down or depressed I was, he would always bring a smile to my face. We were always so glad to see each other, we were inseparable. I could always tell how much he loved me, it was in his eyes (eyes never lie) When he was near me he would smother me with kisses, it would be difficult for him to stop. I know now there will never be another one like him. I miss him so much, and look at his picture daily to remember all the fond memories. I don’t think, I will ever forget him as long as I live. I know no one else will ever compare. His name is Lefty and he is a wire-haired Jack Russell canine.

He used to come and visit me every Friday. I would look forward to his visits, but now due to some unseen circumstances, he can no longer come to the apartment block that I live in. It breaks my heart……..


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