Hooray! Wireless Freedom Coming To Canada

Today while browsing our local free 24 hour paper, instantly a headline caught my eye. It read “Government Opens Up Wireless Market”. I was ecstatic, finally there would be some competition instead, of the archaic monopoly. For years Bell, Rogers and the evil empire Telus, has taken advantage of us Canadian consumers. I would love to see Verizon, or AT& T come in and kick Telus’s ass, even if it did mean selling our souls to the American devil. No wireless company or Internet service provider should be able to dominate any market. In California, the people have the right to move their cable company out of town if they refuse to do a good job. They get a 5 year contract, and if in that time they rip people off, they are told to pack their bags. Today it is the wireless networks and maybe tomorrow, it will be the Internet broadband service providers and then the cable companies. Only time will tell, if us the Canadian people will get a better deal, or if the CEO’s of these so-called competitors will just line their pockets with gold.

You can check out the original article here Ottawa Opens Up Wireless Industry