I Wish Everyday Was Like Christmas

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Now that the holidays are over and everyone is deflated or at least most of us, I began to ponder the idea of how I wish everyday was like Christmas. So many people just do something nice on Christmas, birthdays or Valentines Day then the rest of the year is forgotten.

My Mom and I don’t go out of our way on Christmas or any other holiday for that matter because, everyday is a celebration for us. When we see each other, which is often; we do things for each other. It doesn’t have to be something you feel, taste or smell. It can be taking out the garbage for her and repairing her computer, and she will hem up a pair of pants, or fill up my car tank full of gas, the list can go on and on.

My wish for everyone in 2014 is to make everyday a holiday, go out and do something kind for your friends, family or even a stranger especially those in need.



If You Could Have 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?


Courtesy Of “3 Things

Like the old Sweeney Todd song goes, ” If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride”, I suppose in a perfect world that would be true.

This isn’t an easy question, and I definitely had to ponder and probe my brain for a while to come up with this trio of fabulous wishes.

  1. Without hestitation, the very first one is to not be bipolar. There I said it for all of Facebook to read. Don’t worry most of you are at a arm’s length and we only communicate via cyberspace so there is no worries about bumping into or fearing “The Black Dog”
  2. To live in a place where I would be able to have as many dogs and cats as I wanted, and perhaps there would even be room leftover for a couple of horses and a few goats, just imagine the yummy goat cheese and wine parties.
  3. There is no question that the third one would be for my Mother to be able to walk again.

What Are Ten Things That You Are Awesome At?

I am hoping that this prompt will make you ponder your own skills and abilities. We are all good at something even if we assume that we are not. If we think long and hard, or maybe not so hard we can all come up with at least 10 things that we are good at. These skills don’t have to be earth shattering or life changing. It can be anything from being able to use a hammer to decorate a cake to clean a bathroom and leave it sparkling. Here are my top 10 things and I sure would like to read yours, so be sure to respond.

  1. Trouble-shoot a computer
  2. Use a DSLR camera
  3. Bake a cake
  4. Cook a meal
  5. Play a song on a guitar
  6. Organize a barbecue
  7. Drive a car
  8. Change a lightbulb
  9. Shoot and edit a video
  10. Sleep

Thanks to the “365 Topics” iPad app for the prompt.

10 Things About Me That May Surprise You!

10 Things That May Surprise You About MeLately, I have been using online prompts to help me blog. Being without my muse Lefty, or inspiration, they are a great help. The two I have been using are “Plinky” and “Day Dreaming On Paper.” Today’s prompt is “List 10 things that people are always surprised to find out about you”. Some people will not be surprised, the ones that have known me most of my life, and you know who you are. I guess, telling people all of these things is a little revealing, and some of them might even be considered secrets.

1. I am bipolar (and have been most of my life)

2. I am of Russian decent

3. I own a Mac & a Windows PC

4. I used to run a open mic night

5. I can cook (and I don’t mean heating up frozen dinners)

6. I used to smoke

7. I have a cat named “Smokey” who owns me

8. I can fix most PC problems (just ask my family & friends)

9. I don’t drink alcohol

10. I used to sing, play guitar and mandolin