Keep Your Cats Indoors!

Photo by Charlotte Therese Björnström
Photo by Charlotte Therese Björnström

Since Smokey passed away last December, I want to have a cat again. Lately I have been perusing the pet section of Craigslist and have noticed several things.  One, people want to sell their animals instead of adopt them out, which is a no, no according to the rules. Charging 500 dollars for a cat isn’t an adoption fee. Second there are a lot of missing cats all over the lower mainland of Vancouver.  If you let your cat outdoors, you have to keep in mind that there are raccoons, which would love nothing better than to have your cat for lunch.  Then there are the big dogs and even coyotes, need I say more.

What I want to say, in no way is it cruel to let your cat live indoors, even in a small apartment.  I have seen ads where people want to get rid of their cat because they move into an apartment and they somehow feel that Fluffy will be miserable.  The fact is cats are flexible and adaptable, as long as you have their favorite things in your new apartment they will live gladly live there.  Cat who live indoors, live longer than outdoor cats, they don’t get scared and run over by cars, get diseases or eat poisons, the list goes on and on.

I know that cats can adjust from my own personal experience.  My Mother had a cat named Sammi who was an indoor/outdoor cat.  When my Mom had to move out of her house to an apartment Sammi came along and approved of her new environment.  She ended living to a ripe old age of 17.  My cat Smokey was strictly an indoor cat all her life and she lived to 14 years old, I never had to worry that she would go missing. So next time you feel like getting rid of your pussycat, think twice about what is “really” best.





How To Keep Your Cat Cool!!!

For the last few days it has been hovering around 30 degrees Celsius here on the west coast of British Columbia. It has been so uncomfortable, almost painful. I can’t remember it being this hot, ever. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner or a fan in the lower mainland, good luck, they have been sold out for days.

Us humans can drink lots of water, or go for a swim or a run through the sprinkler but, what do our furry friends do to cool off. My cat, Smokey has been spending her days looking spent, on the floor of my bedroom. Cats are smarter than us humans, they get low to the ground, where it is cooler. The poor thing looks so hot. Imagine what it would be like to wear a fur coat in the middle of summer, not fun. I suppose if she were a dog I could just take her to a dog friendly lake. Besides not being a dog she also refuses to travel, a rolling stone is is not. She doesn’t mind water though, at my last apartment, she used to jump up on my counter near the kitchen sink, and drink water from the tap. What I do to cool her off is wet a facecloth, and wipe her with it to cool her off. I do the same thing when I am too hot, put a wet towel on my head, I just don’t go out in public, looking that way. I also make sure her water bowls are all changed, frequently, and for a added touch I put ice in it. Today when I left for work, she was sleeping on my bed, and I made sure that the fan was on and pointing towards her.

The last thing all you pet owners have to remember, is to leave your pets at home, and not take them with you in the car. A lot of people think they can leave them in the car with all the windows rolled up for five minutes, but that is all it takes to kill an animal in a car. Then there are those that leave a crack open, again that is not enough. Be kind and let Rover or Misty stay home, under a shaded tree, with a great big bowl of water.