Shoes Can Kill!


This afternoon I was eating my lunch at my usual spot at the “Robson Public Market”.  The woman who usually takes my order and delivers the food to my table was there as expected; same day, place and time.  The first time I ever noticed her, she was wearing a pair of very high black stiletto heels.  Sure, I found it a bit strange, a waitress (maybe I could see it,if she were a west-end drag queen) working in a food fair wearing such torturous shoes, but I never really thought about it again..until today. For some reason, I began to contemplate; why she does such a  horrendous act of unkindness to herself.  Does she detest herself that much?   She always has a pleasant smile, but on this rainy, given Thursday, I could see that behind her beguiling charm, she carries great measures of distress. Perhaps, she wants to seem taller,in this great big world.  I imagined it might be because she is trying to impress a man, or woman for that matter, who may drop by for lunch.  I know, it’s not for the tips, food fairs aren’t known to have big tippers, I can see that her tip jar is always empty. One day I will ask her, “Don’t your feet get sore in those high heels?” Whatever her reason, I hope it is a good one.  I stopped for a moment and wondered what McDonald’s and Wendy’s would be like, if all the female associates had to wear stilettos to work.  Surely, all the men would love and encourage the idea.  I say to those men, you try walking a day in those shoes.  I am still convinced, that high heels were invented by men, as nothing more than a very cruel bad joke.  We, the women, just don’t know a lousy joke when when we see one.