How Tech Savvy Are You?

This is the Plinky prompt for today. I don’t answer most of them, because most don’t pertain to my life, or me but this one definitely does. Let me count the ways that I wish I was more tech savvy. First of all let me say that I am very technically astute. I can pretty much repair any software problem on a PC or Mac, even if it means reformatting.  I can also install a hard drive, optical drive, sound-card or RAM. These days most everyone I know has a laptop instead of a tower, so I haven’t been called upon to upgrade anything, but if I had to I could. I am my Mother’s personal IT department.  In my apartment block there are friends computers that I tend to and maintain on a regular basis.

I can also pretty well figure out any menu on any digital camera, recorder, tablet or cellphone.  When Olympus claimed to have a difficult menu to navigate, for me it was a piece of cake. This is how my brain works.  Then on the other hand if I see a piece of IKEA furniture with a whole bunch of screws and nails, I draw a blank.  If I only knew someone who was good at putting a bed-frame together, we could barter.  I live in a building full of men, and not one of them even knows how to use a hammer or screwdriver. The only person I know that is extremely good at putting anything together is my Mother; she is always up for the challenge. Perhaps, if I take her to lunch at the Windjammer she will help me out.

Now for the areas that I wish I could improve on. I would love to be able to write HTML and design my own website or learn to code and build an iPhone app or computer game.  Perhaps, this should be one of my goals for the rest of the year.

I may be tech savvy, but don’t forget everyone is good at something; you just have to find out what it is. As Curly said in “City Slickers”, “when you find that one thing, then nothing else will matter”.




A Wasteful Habit

I have read on “Plinky” about people wasting paper towels, electricity and food. My claim to fame isn’t any of the latter, but instead the misuse of my time on my computer. I can lose my myself for hours until I realize what time it is. Mind you, I do sort and edit photos and do all kinds of research on art, computers and photography. Instead, I could be working on my art or music or even be cleaning my apartment. I suppose, there are worse things I could be wasting my time on, like smoking, drinking or an array of other bad habits.

Why Can’t Women Cook and Fix A Computer?

I have run into this problem since I was quite young. Back then it was as simple as my friend Judi and I walking into a music store in Vancouver. We would stroll around the store being totally ignored by the salesmen. We used to joke about how easy it would be for us to just walk out the door with a guitar or two, and not even be noticed. We would observe that as long as you were male you get the attention and service you wanted. What if I had a few thousand dollars hanging around to spend on guitars, they would just assume and take it for granted that we were women, and that we couldn’t possibly want a guitar or amp. The salesmen probably thought that we took a wrong turn and meant to go to Ming Wo for cooking utensils.

This brings me to 2010, and how much has really changed? It seems that men are happy if we are in the kitchen beating those pots and pans and preparing a gourmet meal for them, or washing their clothes, or tending to their children, but god forbid that we try to repair their PCs. Whoever said we couldn’t change a hard drive or rid the computer of a virus. They don’t like the fact that some of us are brighter than them and that we might know a thing or two more than them. Even if one of their male friends knows less then you, they just assume that a man automatically knows more, and has more credibility. They will pay their man friend to fix their computer, but when you go and do the same job or better, they dismiss it and don’t think it is worthy of any domination. I once heard one of my friends say, “You want what! for twirling a couple of buttons.” If you think spinning a few buttons is so easy, then why don’t you do it? How about if next time, I fix your computer and you prepare me the gourmand meal! I think when that happens all of women kind will be elated.

Thank goodness we can do more than just sit beside a computer now