I Wish Everyday Was Like Christmas

© chilbird


Now that the holidays are over and everyone is deflated or at least most of us, I began to ponder the idea of how I wish everyday was like Christmas. So many people just do something nice on Christmas, birthdays or Valentines Day then the rest of the year is forgotten.

My Mom and I don’t go out of our way on Christmas or any other holiday for that matter because, everyday is a celebration for us. When we see each other, which is often; we do things for each other. It doesn’t have to be something you feel, taste or smell. It can be taking out the garbage for her and repairing her computer, and she will hem up a pair of pants, or fill up my car tank full of gas, the list can go on and on.

My wish for everyone in 2014 is to make everyday a holiday, go out and do something kind for your friends, family or even a stranger especially those in need.



What Happened to 2007?


We just finish with Festivas, Hanukah, Solstice and now New Year’s Eve is upon us. How did that happen? I barely had anytime for last years resolutions and now it’s time to make new ones. I say, why bother making any if you know you won’t be able to keep them. Perhaps, we should make ones that we know we’ll be able to keep, like to smoke more, eat more red meat, and eat more sweets and to gain weight. I think the goal is to make realistic ones, and not ones that have to do with quitting or losing something. Make one that perhaps involves joining a creative writing, or music group. Mine is to organize a guitar workshop via Facebook. Happy New Year and go out and do something interesting or fun in 2008.

One quick note, the other night when I was over at my friend Anne’s place for dinner I discovered a great pink sparkling Australian wine called “Pink”. It will only set you back around 12 dollars CND. So if you are looking for something to put into your glass as you ring in the new year give it a try. It also comes in yellow, if you think pink is too girly.