The Most Exciting Thing Or 2, To Ever Happen……

At the moment I am using an iPad app named “365 Topics”, that gives you a prompt or idea for journaling and blogging. Today’s prompt is to tell a story of “The Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happened To You”. At the top of my head there are a few things, one is going to California (I fell in love with San Francisco) and Arizona (I was able to see a real roadrunner) and on the way back winning two thousand dollars in Reno, Nevada.

The second thrill was meeting Ry Cooder in 1990, but mostly seeing and hearing him and David Lindley play “The Orpheum” in Vancouver, BC. One of the reasons it was so exhilarating was that in your lifetime your chances of getting hit by lightening are probably better, than ever seeing Ry play live. I thought, I would be stuck for the rest of my days listening to the soundtracks to “Paris Texas” and “Crossroads”. I was fortunate enough to have a close friend who knew David Lindley. David and my comrade were able to arrange the concert tickets, as well as getting us backstage.

The most comical event that happened, involved a couple sitting behind us. You have to remember that at the theatre there is no dance floor or any kind of area to strut your stuff. My friend and I were Cooder and Lindley fanatics, so all through the show we wiggled and danced in our seats. One of the so-called couple says to the other, “What is wrong with those two women in front of us?. The other leans into the other and says “That is how deaf people listen to music”. The concert was beyond my wildest dreams and then some.

After the show we waited so long to go backstage, that we almost missed meeting Ry, he was just about to leave. I said “hi”, and then stood there like an idiot trying not to look too guitar-struck. All wasn’t lost, David was there to save the day; he drove us home and I had the privilege of getting the infamous sideburn scraping. So in the end I was most impressed with David’s hospitality and grace.

Now that I have elaborated on a few of the exciting events in my life, and I am sure if I think about it there are probably more, and ones that are more lmportant and life changing, I would love to hear some of yours. Now let’s go out and do something electrifying and blog about it.

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