Yes….Laughter Is The Best Medicine

For years, they (whoever “they” are, we’re still are not sure who these people are), have been telling us that laughter is the best medicine. This past weekend, I discovered that not only is this true, but that I will be incorporating this into my everyday life. I woke up on Saturday morning to watch Dave Chappelle’s, “For What It’s Worth”, recorded live from The Fillmore in San Fransico. While drinking my morning coffee, I was laughing so hard, that I almost wet my drawers. I think, I even spit out my coffee a couple of times. I noticed that this sort of silliness set my mood for the rest of the day. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. At first I thought maybe this was just a coincidence, that maybe my mood was due to something else…..maybe I was being possessed, or maybe someone laced my coffee with something. I then tried it the next day, on Sunday, and the results were the same. My advice, for anyone, that is suffering from depression, or even if you are not, try to incorporate comedy and laughter into your life. If you can, go out and buy yourself a DVD player, and buy up a bunch of comedy DVD’s. Play them every morning with your coffee, or better yet go to a comedy club.