My Birthday

I was able to get myself all stressed out last Thursday, which was my birthday. May 24th to be exact. My friend Anne said you should do the things you like to do on that day. I always think that you should just do whatever you want to do, but do it alone. What I ended up doing was going for a walk around Commerical Drive and 8th Avenue and taking some pictures. That is my new hobby, taking picture with my Canon camera, and then putting them up at You Tube. Here is the final out come.


Happy Birthday Freddie!!!

Just a note, that today which is September 5th, 2006, would have been Freddie Mercury’s 60th birthday. Besides, being an innovator, combining classic opera, jazz, with rock, and a founding member of “Queen“, he wasn’t one of those whining rockstar/celebrities, that you hear about today. He loved every minute that he was on stage, and knew exactly why he was there, to entertain. Happy Birthday Freddie!!!!