When Nothing ElseĀ Matters

I have said this often, and I also know that it is a quote from the movie “City Slickers.” “If you find that one thing, then nothing else matters”. I guess, for some people it is finding that one thing that they are passionate for. You have to have the passion and fire for whatever this one thing is. So much so, that everything else seems small, and not as important. For me those other minumute things, were shopping. I loved to shop, but now I don’t feel the need to. We as human beings, seem to fill up our empty spots in our souls with addictions, such as shopping, food and drugs.

I was lucky enough to revisit an old friend my guitar. I gave it up some 8 years ago, why I won’t go into right now, but it happened. Now that the passion is back for singing and playing, I feel somewhat alive again. I never realilzed it but part of my being and soul has been missing all these years. Now that it is back, as I said other things don’t matter so much. I guess, what I save on shopping, I can put into some new guitars. If someone has a Lavarrie that they don’t need, Ill be willing to take it off your hands.