The “Real” Cool Cats

Today someone made a comment regarding, a fellow musician. They referred to this person as a “real” musician. I thought to myself, mmm…. what does this genuinely mean, being called “real”. In all my years of playing and hanging around with these eccentric, cool cats (I looked up “musician” in the thesaurus and cool cat was used as a synonym), I had never, ever heard anyone refer to a musician in this way.

I was bewildered and began to ponder, and ask myself, who are the fake cool cats and which are “real”? How can one be distinguished from the other? I must have overlooked something. I was fooled for all these years. My god, the wool must have been pulled over my eyes! I had never given it much thought, before this. In fact, I never gave it any thought, until today.

Most of these hep cats, that I have known or been acquainted with, haven’t exactly been able to make a living playing their instrument of choice. The only ones, that succeeded, I can count on my one hand. If a “real” musician means giving up your day job, then I must have known nothing more than bogus ones. The only “real” ones, that I knew were Bryan Adams, and James Keelaghan (James only became “real” in last 5 years or so). I also knew a guitar player named Brian Russell, who’s claim to fame, is that he never had to work a day job in his life. The last time I saw him, he was Roger Whittaker’s, lead guitarist. Don’t laugh; he was paid the biggest bucks that you can only dream of, for that gig. He would go out for a few months and not have to work the rest of the year. One of the best guitar players(who will go unnamed)that I ever heard in my life, had never been on a stage or made any money at it. The fact that he had never made a cent doesn’t mean that he is bogus. To me, he was one of the most “unreal” musicians” I have ever heard.

I have contemplated this, and have come up with a definitive answer. What I really feel that a “real” musician is, no matter what your day job might be, is this. All it means is that you have a passion for the music that you are playing or writing. It is a part of who you are, it is in your soul, and you are able feel it in your gut. It doesn’t matter if you are still poor. Money has nothing to do with being a so-called “real” musician or not. In fact, if you ask any famous ones, why they began playing an instrument, money won’t be mentioned. I feel the only thing that differentiates us all, is if we are able to be a full time working musician or not. Most cool cats out there will never achieve that in their lifetime, which doesn’t in anyway make them any less worthy, or “real”.


How To Keep Your Cat Cool!!!

For the last few days it has been hovering around 30 degrees Celsius here on the west coast of British Columbia. It has been so uncomfortable, almost painful. I can’t remember it being this hot, ever. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner or a fan in the lower mainland, good luck, they have been sold out for days.

Us humans can drink lots of water, or go for a swim or a run through the sprinkler but, what do our furry friends do to cool off. My cat, Smokey has been spending her days looking spent, on the floor of my bedroom. Cats are smarter than us humans, they get low to the ground, where it is cooler. The poor thing looks so hot. Imagine what it would be like to wear a fur coat in the middle of summer, not fun. I suppose if she were a dog I could just take her to a dog friendly lake. Besides not being a dog she also refuses to travel, a rolling stone is is not. She doesn’t mind water though, at my last apartment, she used to jump up on my counter near the kitchen sink, and drink water from the tap. What I do to cool her off is wet a facecloth, and wipe her with it to cool her off. I do the same thing when I am too hot, put a wet towel on my head, I just don’t go out in public, looking that way. I also make sure her water bowls are all changed, frequently, and for a added touch I put ice in it. Today when I left for work, she was sleeping on my bed, and I made sure that the fan was on and pointing towards her.

The last thing all you pet owners have to remember, is to leave your pets at home, and not take them with you in the car. A lot of people think they can leave them in the car with all the windows rolled up for five minutes, but that is all it takes to kill an animal in a car. Then there are those that leave a crack open, again that is not enough. Be kind and let Rover or Misty stay home, under a shaded tree, with a great big bowl of water.