What Was The Last Thing You Got Really Excited About?


Try to remember your first kiss or rock concert or perhaps the first time you drove. When you are young and experiencing life for the first time, there are moments that are so exhilarating that they take your breath away.

Then age happens…as you mature you become jaded and less amazed about adventures, nothing ever feels like the first time. The older you become the less impressive new ideas become, in other words, you have seen it and done it all or at least that is how you feel.

For me learning to play guitar at 13 was one of the most thrilling periods of my life. I can’t say that I have ever felt that way since. I continued to play guitar, mandolin and sing from age 13 to well into my 30’s. There were the constant jam sessions and open mike nights; every time I played and sang in front of a live audience it was new, different and electrifying.

Time and medications have now taken it toll on my mind; my memory isn’t what it used to be (I now have to write everything down and use the Google calendar). The odd time, I think I want to take a stab at it, but it becomes so frustrating trying to remember lyrics. I think to myself why put myself through the agony and misery, so for now I have my two guitars hanging on the wall collecting dust. My days of music are nothing, but a faded memory now.

In lieu of the guitar, I have now taken up art again, yes again. The last time I painted anything I must have been in my late teen or early twenties. This revisited endeavour is kind of “exciting”. At the moment, I am not sure what medium I want to focus on so I am trying different avenues, from pastels, water-colour pencils to paints. I am having fun looking up tutorials online and trying my hand at the different aspects of art. I don’t think I will ever be a Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe or Emily Carr, but at least it is something that doesn’t frustrate me and I can honestly say it is stimulating. I even have dreams of painting and when that happens it must mean something.


If You Could Have 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?


Courtesy Of “3 Things

Like the old Sweeney Todd song goes, ” If Wishes Were Horses Beggars Would Ride”, I suppose in a perfect world that would be true.

This isn’t an easy question, and I definitely had to ponder and probe my brain for a while to come up with this trio of fabulous wishes.

  1. Without hestitation, the very first one is to not be bipolar. There I said it for all of Facebook to read. Don’t worry most of you are at a arm’s length and we only communicate via cyberspace so there is no worries about bumping into or fearing “The Black Dog”
  2. To live in a place where I would be able to have as many dogs and cats as I wanted, and perhaps there would even be room leftover for a couple of horses and a few goats, just imagine the yummy goat cheese and wine parties.
  3. There is no question that the third one would be for my Mother to be able to walk again.

What Are Ten Things That You Are Awesome At?

I am hoping that this prompt will make you ponder your own skills and abilities. We are all good at something even if we assume that we are not. If we think long and hard, or maybe not so hard we can all come up with at least 10 things that we are good at. These skills don’t have to be earth shattering or life changing. It can be anything from being able to use a hammer to decorate a cake to clean a bathroom and leave it sparkling. Here are my top 10 things and I sure would like to read yours, so be sure to respond.

  1. Trouble-shoot a computer
  2. Use a DSLR camera
  3. Bake a cake
  4. Cook a meal
  5. Play a song on a guitar
  6. Organize a barbecue
  7. Drive a car
  8. Change a lightbulb
  9. Shoot and edit a video
  10. Sleep

Thanks to the “365 Topics” iPad app for the prompt.

Keep Your Cats Indoors!

Photo by Charlotte Therese Björnström
Photo by Charlotte Therese Björnström

Since Smokey passed away last December, I want to have a cat again. Lately I have been perusing the pet section of Craigslist and have noticed several things.  One, people want to sell their animals instead of adopt them out, which is a no, no according to the rules. Charging 500 dollars for a cat isn’t an adoption fee. Second there are a lot of missing cats all over the lower mainland of Vancouver.  If you let your cat outdoors, you have to keep in mind that there are raccoons, which would love nothing better than to have your cat for lunch.  Then there are the big dogs and even coyotes, need I say more.

What I want to say, in no way is it cruel to let your cat live indoors, even in a small apartment.  I have seen ads where people want to get rid of their cat because they move into an apartment and they somehow feel that Fluffy will be miserable.  The fact is cats are flexible and adaptable, as long as you have their favorite things in your new apartment they will live gladly live there.  Cat who live indoors, live longer than outdoor cats, they don’t get scared and run over by cars, get diseases or eat poisons, the list goes on and on.

I know that cats can adjust from my own personal experience.  My Mother had a cat named Sammi who was an indoor/outdoor cat.  When my Mom had to move out of her house to an apartment Sammi came along and approved of her new environment.  She ended living to a ripe old age of 17.  My cat Smokey was strictly an indoor cat all her life and she lived to 14 years old, I never had to worry that she would go missing. So next time you feel like getting rid of your pussycat, think twice about what is “really” best.




Do You Need Coffee To Wake Up In The Morning?

For many years I was a coffee drinker and snob. I wouldn’t drink just any java that came across my table. I wanted my coffee extremely dark and with bite. No ordinary cup of Joe would ever pass through my lips. I even invested in my own espresso machine and grinder, so I could perfect my own cup. I could have gone to Starbucks, but could I actually trust the barista to make it my way.

Now in a very short time, I have become a tea connoisseur. I tried a cup of Chai, and thought, “Hey, why can’t I drink this when I wake up”. Once diving into the world of tea, I discovered a vast assortment, much more so than coffee. There is everything from Lemon Myrtle to exotic Pumpkin Chai. Along the way I have discovered “Davidstea’s” (it is a retail tea store across Canada and they just opened 3 in the U.S.). So the answer to the todays questions… No!…I don’t need coffee to wake me up, but I sure do need a good cup of tea. Happy sipping!

A Wasteful Habit

I have read on “Plinky” about people wasting paper towels, electricity and food. My claim to fame isn’t any of the latter, but instead the misuse of my time on my computer. I can lose my myself for hours until I realize what time it is. Mind you, I do sort and edit photos and do all kinds of research on art, computers and photography. Instead, I could be working on my art or music or even be cleaning my apartment. I suppose, there are worse things I could be wasting my time on, like smoking, drinking or an array of other bad habits.

The Most Exciting Thing Or 2, To Ever Happen……

At the moment I am using an iPad app named “365 Topics”, that gives you a prompt or idea for journaling and blogging. Today’s prompt is to tell a story of “The Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happened To You”. At the top of my head there are a few things, one is going to California (I fell in love with San Francisco) and Arizona (I was able to see a real roadrunner) and on the way back winning two thousand dollars in Reno, Nevada.

The second thrill was meeting Ry Cooder in 1990, but mostly seeing and hearing him and David Lindley play “The Orpheum” in Vancouver, BC. One of the reasons it was so exhilarating was that in your lifetime your chances of getting hit by lightening are probably better, than ever seeing Ry play live. I thought, I would be stuck for the rest of my days listening to the soundtracks to “Paris Texas” and “Crossroads”. I was fortunate enough to have a close friend who knew David Lindley. David and my comrade were able to arrange the concert tickets, as well as getting us backstage.

The most comical event that happened, involved a couple sitting behind us. You have to remember that at the theatre there is no dance floor or any kind of area to strut your stuff. My friend and I were Cooder and Lindley fanatics, so all through the show we wiggled and danced in our seats. One of the so-called couple says to the other, “What is wrong with those two women in front of us?. The other leans into the other and says “That is how deaf people listen to music”. The concert was beyond my wildest dreams and then some.

After the show we waited so long to go backstage, that we almost missed meeting Ry, he was just about to leave. I said “hi”, and then stood there like an idiot trying not to look too guitar-struck. All wasn’t lost, David was there to save the day; he drove us home and I had the privilege of getting the infamous sideburn scraping. So in the end I was most impressed with David’s hospitality and grace.

Now that I have elaborated on a few of the exciting events in my life, and I am sure if I think about it there are probably more, and ones that are more lmportant and life changing, I would love to hear some of yours. Now let’s go out and do something electrifying and blog about it.

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Memories Of My Family Vacations

While growing up our next door neighbours took vacations to Disneyland and came back with Mickey Mouse ears… oh how I wanted a pair of my own. I also heard stories of other people’s experiences of far away places in Europe and even spending the whole summer at Grandma’s house. My memories were a bit different to say the least.

Every summer for exactly a week, my vacation was to visit the relatives in what is known as the “Kootneys” in the center of British Columbia. Don’t get me wrong this area of BC is beautiful, it was just that my Dad had 2 weeks off, but someone managed to cram everything into 7 days, so he could get back to the West Coast to drink with his boozing buddies.

It was the same routine every single summer from the time I was born till I was old enough to know better. My Mom would load my brother Tony and I into the car, while my Dad would spend an extra hour going over the car with a fine tooth-comb making sure we had enough oil,gas and air in the tires. I still believe he only did it to test my Mom’s patience. Once we were on the road, my Dad had a one track mind and didn’t want to stop anywhere else until we arrived at our destination. He would only stop in Princeton for breakfast and at the odd gas station.

Most of my young memories are quite vague but, what I do remember is how I loved being at my Aunt Mabel’s (My Mom’s sister) place, she was a warm and wonderful person. She had a small farm by a river and I remember swimming in the river (once I acquired a leech on my foot, which at that age it didn’t even faze me). There were chickens to feed and a cow to milk on her farm. I loved it so much, I always imagined being able to stay there all summer. My brother and I would always play with my cousins, while the men drank and the women cooked and chatted. Believe me when I say, it wasn’t terrible, in fact it was awesome, it was just that a day or two on the farm went so fast and it was time to leave and go elsewhere.

The last stop was always Creston BC, where my Father’s parents lived (my Grandparents). I always looked forward to seeing my cousin Cheryl (Carlita) and again our visits were always cut short. My Dad was always in a hurry to get back to Vancouver, and because of it, you were never able to get to know anyone, how could you. Unless, you spend time with your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, you never get close to them.

Vote or Shut Up!

Photo by Jennifer Moo

I know there are Vancouver citizens that couldn’t vote in the city election last night. I understand that some are house ridden, disabled or elderly, but those that could walk, there is no excuse. There was only a 34% turnout, which is pretty dismal. Provincial and Federal elections aren’t that much better either.

Voting made me also ponder about all the other benefits that come with it. As a voter, it gives you several privileges that you may not be unaware of. You are entitled to a voice and a point of view and no one can strip you of that. If you choose to sit on the fence and be a sofa analyst you haven’t earned the right to express yourself about local or worldwide contention. Remember this quote: “Words – Action = Nothing”.