Favorite Fried Food

What’s Your Favorite Fried Food Indulgence?

Without a doubt my favorite fried food, has to be “Fish n Chips”. I can’t say that I have tried too many different restaurants in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver. My usual standby used to be “The Windjammer” on Main Street, it has now moved to my part of town up on “The Drive”. I have yet to go to The Windjammer, but I am hoping that it is as good as it used to be at the old place.

A few weeks ago my Mom and I stumbled into C-Lovers in Coquitlam and I have to tell you that is the best fried fish n chips I have ever had,so far. I tried hard to get the batter recipe from the owner but, he wouldn’t budge. The crust was so delicate and crispy and not greasy at all. I plan on going back there on Mother’s Day.

Let me know what your favorite fried food or fish n chip place is?


3 thoughts on “Favorite Fried Food

  1. Haha, see I rarely buy fish n chips, because it’s never as good as it is at the PNE. I ordered some recently from the Fresh, Local, Wild Foodtruck and, while I can see why it’s popular, it just didn’t satiate my PNE craving. Must get there this summer!

  2. There is nothing like the aroma of the PNE during the exhibition. The mingling of onions, hamburgers and yes C-Lover Fish N Chips. Perhaps, I will see you over by the truck this summer, I will look for your gorgeous fro.

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