A Whole Lot Of Rosie

Rosie is my four-legged canine friend. She lives in the same building as I do with her “Pack Leader” Doug. In her eight years, she has been to hell and back. She had two previous owners who broke her legs. Where they were broken the fur doesn’t quite grow properly. To know her and see her now you would never know that she was once an abused and fearful dog. Just yesterday Doug said that Rosie was once just like one of those dogs on the “The Dog Whisperer”. It took Doug’s niece a whole year of rehabilitation to get Rosie to the dog she is today. She was very fearful of people, and you can’t exactly blame her. Now she loves people! Before she goes for a walk she runs to me and has to give me a kiss or two and then she goes on her way. Perhaps, that makes her day, but it most definitely makes mine.


10 Things About Me That May Surprise You!

10 Things That May Surprise You About MeLately, I have been using online prompts to help me blog. Being without my muse Lefty, or inspiration, they are a great help. The two I have been using are “Plinky” and “Day Dreaming On Paper.” Today’s prompt is “List 10 things that people are always surprised to find out about you”. Some people will not be surprised, the ones that have known me most of my life, and you know who you are. I guess, telling people all of these things is a little revealing, and some of them might even be considered secrets.

1. I am bipolar (and have been most of my life)

2. I am of Russian decent

3. I own a Mac & a Windows PC

4. I used to run a open mic night

5. I can cook (and I don’t mean heating up frozen dinners)

6. I used to smoke

7. I have a cat named “Smokey” who owns me

8. I can fix most PC problems (just ask my family & friends)

9. I don’t drink alcohol

10. I used to sing, play guitar and mandolin


Lefty Snoozing

If anyone read my recent post you would of read that my “dog-son” Lefty has left the building. I found this picture while looking for pictures of Jack Russell’s. I can only imagine this is what he would look like if he slept in a bed. Sweet Dreams Lefty wherever you may rest your head tonight.

The One That Got Away

It has been quite some time, or so it seems since I have seen my beloved. No matter how down or depressed I was, he would always bring a smile to my face. We were always so glad to see each other, we were inseparable. I could always tell how much he loved me, it was in his eyes (eyes never lie) When he was near me he would smother me with kisses, it would be difficult for him to stop. I know now there will never be another one like him. I miss him so much, and look at his picture daily to remember all the fond memories. I don’t think, I will ever forget him as long as I live. I know no one else will ever compare. His name is Lefty and he is a wire-haired Jack Russell canine.

He used to come and visit me every Friday. I would look forward to his visits, but now due to some unseen circumstances, he can no longer come to the apartment block that I live in. It breaks my heart……..


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The Movie That Moved Me

This movie moved me because it took me back to my youth. When I was a teenager, ‘The Runaways” were the same age as myself and my friends. I wanted nothing more than to have my own all girl Rock n Roll band. I tried really hard at it, but could never find girls as dedicated as myself. When watching the movie, I think maybe I should have tried a little harder.

The Runaways were pioneers for female musicians and singers to come. Without them there would be no Bif Naked, Hole or Pink. If Rock n Roll interests you and you want to see the history of women in rock, go rent the movie.

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My Neighbor Simone

Drunk guy takes a nap

I have a neighbor named Simone

Who isn’t very mentally grown

When he drinks cheap beer

His talk comes out the rear

Most days he looks dead drunk

And has the odor of a skunk

He acts mad and crude

Slithering in the halls; nude

He keeps looking for a lay

But it seems he has to pay

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