The Runaways

The Runaways bring back a lot of memories for me, some great, some are melancholy. They were my inspiration for picking up an electric guitar. Before them, I was only playing acoustic guitar. There is great scene in the movie, where Joan’s guitar teacher, tells her, girls don’t play electric guitar, gotta love it, but then, those were the times. Once I saw them in a magazine and heard them, I was as they say god struck. I wanted a girl band of my own. What made them so awesome for me was that they were female and they were the same age as me and that they could actually play instruments. My problem was that I could never find girls that were as dedicated to the music as I was. I found the girls, but they would rather be with their boyfriends or doing drugs with their fathers. I was willing to practice and do whatever it took to get the band off the ground. When I saw the movie, I could relate to Joan Jett, because for her it was always about the music, which it should be.