Is Blogging Software Necessary?


I spent most of last night, downloading and previewing all kinds of blogging software. Why, I really don’t know, just curiosity, I suppose. You know what they say curiosity killed the cat. Thank goodness, I’m not a cat, I would have died along time ago. I could just as easily write my blog in Microsoft word and the copy and paste it into WordPress, but that would be just too damn easy.

I tried everything from “blog.mac” to the free open source program “NVU” which will do everything from from edit your webpage to a blog. In the end nothing does everything you want it to. One program does something better, than the other, and vise versa. Too bad you couldn’t just put them all in blender, and out would come the perfect application. I suppose the one that comes the closest is the one I am creating this post with, Macjournal 4. It probably has the best features of all the software I previewed. Along with posting to any url, including blogger and wordpress. you can also record audio and create a podcast. The one thing it is missing is that you can’t edit anything in xtml. If you going to spend money on one piece of software for blogging, this is the one. If you don’t want to pay a cent, then download the open source “NVU”, but remember you always get what you pay for.


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