My Birthday

I was able to get myself all stressed out last Thursday, which was my birthday. May 24th to be exact. My friend Anne said you should do the things you like to do on that day. I always think that you should just do whatever you want to do, but do it alone. What I ended up doing was going for a walk around Commerical Drive and 8th Avenue and taking some pictures. That is my new hobby, taking picture with my Canon camera, and then putting them up at You Tube. Here is the final out come.


Where I Live

I finally have my first video completed and posted on “You Tube”. I guess, it took me so long because, well, I want perfection. I want it to look like Steven Spielberg directed it, even though first of all I am limited to what kind of equipment I am using. I used my Canon Powershot A530. The video is nothing more than a bunch of pictures I took along Commerical Drive when I first acquired my camera. It does have limited video capabilities, which I have been waiting to put to use. My cat “Smokey” does this crazy thing I’ve named “Cat Yoga”. I have been waiting for her to do it, so I can film her. It looks like we will all have to wait longer, because she isn’t being very cooperative. For now enjoy my first entry into the “You Tube” world.