Hell On The No. 1

I spent the last 2 days at my Mother’s place in Surrey. This afternoon in the pouring rain, I decided to leave on my long journey to the No. 1 highway. Everything seems to be going as planned until I made that infamous left turn off 104th Avenue, onto 152nd Street. All of a sudden, I was stopped dead in my tracks. For some reason everyone decided that today was the day to go shopping, I couldn’t imagine whatever else it could be. I thought only crazy people would venture in this weather, and I know, because I was one of them. Slowly and surely, at a snails pace everyone (except me) was merging from all sides trying to get into a single lane, so they could get on the bridge. For some reason today, of all days, the rudeness of drivers overflowed. As I neared the bridge, and began signaling to get into the left lane, no one was letting up, and they weren’t going to let me in. I thought for a moment, that I must be surrounded by Calgarians. That was my experience when I was there; there are no courteous drivers. I looked around and noticed everyone’s license plates and realized that they were all from BC. I finally laid on the horn and someone let me in. I always thought BC drivers had manners, but I guess, all of this is changing, since we are becoming a metropolis. I am hoping that people’s nerves may have been on edge due to the gas prices, and maybe “Miss Manners” will return once the prices drop.