Holiday Blues

I have been busy moving my Mother once again. This time to Surrey, BC. This year, more so, than any other year, there isn’t any time for Christmas, Winter Solstice, Festivus or, to even feel depressed. I just feel plain spend, to feel much. In turn, many people that I know are feeling the holiday blues. Due to the media, lack of family, friends or funds, whatever it may be. I feel that everyone needs to create his or her own traditions. We sometimes, rely too much on childhood memories or what we see on TV, and let these sources dictate how we should feel. This creates nothing but, major disappointment. Childhood memories are exactly that, recollections, which you can never ever recreate. The media shows us unrealistic images, of how our holidays can be, and this is nothing more than a fantasy, that no one can live up to, not even Martha Stewart, well maybe she can if anyone can. My advice is create new ones. Below are some examples. Try one.

Try holding an open house, on Boxing Day; never try to do it on Christmas day, as you will surely be disappointed. When you send or give out your Christmas cards, to friends, family and acquaintances, make sure to include a note at the bottom as when they can attend your open house. You are sure to make some old and new friends

Next tip, go to a movie on Christmas Eve, when the theatre is empty, you are sure to get a good seat, you can probably even smuggle in a bottle of bubbly. I had a friend, who always went to a movie with her brother every single Christmas Eve

Try volunteering at a shelter, or mission, they always need help on Christmas day. Remember there is always someone worse off then you

Hop in the car, or on the bus and gaze at some decorated houses, and be thankful that you don’t have their electric bill

If everything else fails, you can always get stone drunk on wild turkey, and you won’t even remember anything that happened on December 25th, 2006